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Andy Mueller

Born in Quito, Ecuador and engineer in Marketing by profession, my life took an unexpected twist marked by a school event which was that my son’s classmates had organized a pirate party, and I considered making a cake to share it with his friends, as a unique detail.

So, I bought a book about cake design, and without previous knowledge… I made a cake! It was decorated with the theme of the event. I was fascinated with the result and, since that very moment, I haven’t put aside this passion, even though it all started as a hobby.

Now, 8 years later, after with several courses with chefs and internationally recognized pastry artists, I am currently a Cake Designer Instructor based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, also a Korean Buttercream Instructor, certified by the International Korean Association of Flower Cake Designers, and an Instructor of the PME technique (UK).

I love to constantly experiment with new techniques and customize them to what I like. I am always at the forefront of the latest pastry trends and I am constantly in training, so I have been taking courses with artists that have inspired me to perform beautiful and innovative techniques and my professional training has been strengthened with several certifications.

My achievements transcend what I ever expected or dreamed. Even though the process has not been easy, I have achieved exceptional results from something I never thought I would do. Three years ago, I set up an event company dedicated to bring world-renowned cake artists to Abu Dhabi, and I’m also traveling in collaboration with cake decorating studios around the globe to teach my techniques and designs.

“I will always find a new way in what I love doing, I am not afraid to explore new techniques or share my knowledge, I have much more to achieve and for me giving up ,will never be an option”

-Andy Mueller-